Life Coach – Why?

We are at your personal leisure.

You tell us what isnt optimal in your life.

Private and Buisness!

The Corona is still atclarge and the most important thing that you can do is to optimise you health and to stay or get fit.

Your will be offering online courses on fitness of all sorts.Tri-athlon training ,Work-out programs by England and Germany’s most competent personal trainers !

Music lessons from Pop to Classic.There will be Gourmet Chefs too.!

We are very excited at our launch on the 01.07.2020.

We will have special well ess-fitness offers in Ibiza where you can choose from a range of activities!

The slots will be allocated here online payable by Credit Card or Paypal 

Yearly subscription plans are in the pipeline !

If you want to inprove your buisness or have a dream that you cannot realise we can help here too.

We have been organising Events for over 35 years, we have a very broad spectrum and are flexible.

Our founder Martin Doughty turned his life around whilst on tour in Ibiza.He shed 5 Stone and managed with a special program to get rid of his type 2 diabetes.

We will help you if you have a weight issue or just need confidence 

We have a line of fantastic AAA energy and health boosting products made in Germany.

Please ring for advice or visit our shop on

PM – International is one of the highly regarded and acclaimed producers of Health,Fitness and Beauty !

Please contact us for prices and information:

[email protected]


0049 173 2634639

Whatsapp !